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Big Question: Center for Data Science & Public Policy

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Principal Investigator: Rayid Ghani, Harris School of Public Policy

Funding Type: Workshop

Focus Area: Information

Big Idea: Social scientists are asking new questions, positing new theories, and collecting new types of data. Concurrently, computer scientists are developing scalable, adaptive methods that bring together and analyze data from multiple modalities and sources. These groups have complementary skills that can go a long way in solving critical problems, but they have had little interaction, let alone opportunities for collaboration. This workshop will bring together leaders from both fields to discuss the data, methods, and tools available to them; the problems the data, methods, and tools can be applied to; and specific points of collaboration. Invitees will cover the major sub-disciplines of computer science and social science and include a mix of established scholars who influence their fields today and rising stars who will influence their fields tomorrow.


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